What Things Should You Store In A Country Shed Instead Of Your Home?

A country shed is a great way to organize your home, attic, and garage. However, there are some do’s and don’ts of shed organization. One of the biggest questions new shed owners have is, ‘what items should I store in my shed?’ There are some items that you can store in either your home or shed, like bicycles or tools. There are other items that should always be kept in your shed for safety reasons, like gasoline. This article outlines the items best kept in your shed rather than in your home, and provides tips for organizing these items in your shed. Are you ready to organize your home and your life? Contact the experts at Dutch Country Sheds today to learn more about backyard storage options!

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What NOT To Store In Your Shed

A country shed conveniently situated in your own backyard is a great way to organize items you may not have room for in your home. However, before we cover the best items to keep in your shed, it’s good to know which items will not fare well in your backyard building first. Though high-quality, well-built country sheds are better at keeping moisture out, they are not insulated the same way as your home. Because of that, moisture can seep in and extreme temperatures may damage your stored items. See below for some items you should not store outside:

  • Clothes – It may seem like your shed is a great place to store unused clothes, but it is not an ideal location. If you use an airtight container, then they may stay safe and dry. However, if you do not use an airtight container, your clothes could easily develop mold growth or become a cozy home for bugs or mice!
  • Food – Do not keep any food, whether fresh, bagged, or canned, in your shed. Though you may think your canned foods are safe in your shed, it is actually risky to keep them there. Moisture and humidity can cause can corrosion and cause your food to quickly spoil.
  • Pet Food – Big, bulky bags of cat or dog food can get in the way and become difficult to store. However, keeping it in your shed is an invitation for mice and other rodents to enter your shed and have a feast.
  • Recyclable items – Storing your paper items in your shed is not a good idea if you want them to last. Pests and rodents can quickly turn your paper items into a home (or meal). Since sheds are prone to moisture, the best way to avoid water damage is with an airtight container or by storing your recyclable items indoors. This also includes paper cups, plates, tissues, etc.

What Things You Should Store In A Country Shed Instead Of Your Home

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Some items should definitely not be kept in your shed. However, there are many other items that are not only better suited for shed storage but are actually safer when kept in a shed. If you have little children or pets, you can store many potentially dangerous items and chemicals, such as gasoline and paint, away and out of reach from your kids and animals. Before deciding what to keep in your shed, you should consider a number of factors.

The first factor to consider is moisture. Moisture can cause rotting, rusting, and mold. You should also consider temperature. How cold do winters get? How hot do summers get? Certain items, like liquids, may freeze during winter or become damaged by extreme heat. Another factor to consider is pests. Are your items likely to attract unwanted visitors such as rats, mice, or insects?

Think about all these factors before deciding on the items that go into your shed, and see below for a list of items that generally fare well in shed storage.

Lawnmowers and Leaf blowers

Storage sheds are a great place to store your lawnmower or leaf blower. Though these items can take up a lot of space, there are many great organizational tips to help you keep these large items out of the way and safe from moisture or damage. Because many leaf blowers and lawnmowers use gasoline, it is unsafe to keep them in your home. Though the garage is an option, it is generally best to keep items that run on gasoline as far away from your home as possible in case there is an accident.

Tools and Gardening Equipment

Can’t keep your tools organized? Tired of losing all your gardening equipment? A storage shed is an excellent place to keep all of your tools organized and safe. Many sheds, especially wooden sheds, are highly customizable. It’s easy to add a pegboard, shelves, or hooks to your shed’s walls to maximize storage space and convenience. You can keep gloves, shovels, hoses, nozzles, watering cans, seeds, and even power tools secure in your shed. Keep in mind that moisture can cause some metal tools to rust! It’s best to keep tools off the ground and stored securely on hooks or in covered containers.

Gasoline, Propane, and Garden Chemicals

It is generally safe to store flammable items and chemicals, as long as you know how to store them properly. Though unforeseen accidents may happen, the shed is still the safest place to keep these items. Most of these items are also not affected by extreme temperatures, so there is no drawback to keeping them outside. If you are not sure how to safely store chemicals or gasoline, ensure you read up on safety procedures and proper storage tips. There are many articles online to help ensure you and your family stay safe!

Outdoor Furniture

Your storage shed is a great place to keep outdoor furniture on an especially stormy day or through the winter. Though sheds are not ideal to keep most indoor furniture (especially wooden furniture), outdoor furniture can withstand the temperature better and will generally do well in your shed. Before putting outdoor furniture inside your shed, try to ensure that it is as dry as possible.

Here’s a handy infographic to help keep things in their right place:

Tips To Keep Your Shed Organized

Tools and shed items on shelf

If you choose to keep gardening tools, propane tanks, lawnmowers, leafblowers, and more in your shed, you may wonder how you’ll find all the space to keep these items organized! Thankfully, there are lots of great shed organization tips and tricks that can help you keep all the items in your shed organized.

Add Shelves Or Hooks

Adding shelves or hooks to your shed is simple, cheap, and a highly effective organization tip. This is one of the most simple ways to add extra storage space (by utilizing your shed walls). It also helps to keep your small items like tools and seeds organized and off the ground. If you want to spend some extra time modifying your shed, there are more complex wall storage methods that can even hold larger items like ladders, bicycles, and leaf blowers!

Use Storage Boxes

Using storage boxes is a good way to organize your items and keep certain things, like chemicals, away from your other stored objects. Storage boxes are a great way to ensure potentially hazardous chemicals stay off your shed’s floor. It also helps prevent them from leaking and even seeping into your lawn if a spill occurs. Keep your storage bins secure on a high-up shelf and you will protect your children and pets from getting into dangerous items.

Buy Cord Organizers

Cord/hose organizers can keep cords and hoses off the ground. This protects cords from damage and protects you and your family from injury by tripping over them. Keeping your hoses and cords off the floor also clears up space for other items that may need to remain on your shed floor (such as lawnmowers). Cord organizers are cost-effective and are easy to find at most home improvement stores.

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