Looking for backpack blower storage ideas? Storing a backpack leafblower can be a bit of a challenge! Leaf blowers require storage space that will help keep them safe from the elements. Because of their size, some homeowners have a hard time making space for their backpack blowers in their garage or shed. The following lists out the top 10 backpack blower storage ideas so you can safely and efficiently store your blower. If you have questions about our portable buildings or about the online shopping process, feel free to contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Looking for a great place to store your leafblower
and other outdoor equipment?

Backpack Blower Storage Ideas – Top 10 List With Rationale

If you’ve had a difficult time finding the right spot for your backpack blower, check out our top 10 list below. Ranging from simple storage hacks to fun DIY projects, there is a storage solution for every preference and budget! With autumn ending and the colder winter months setting in, it’s a great time to think about safely storing your leafblower so it will stay in a great shape for next fall!

#10 – Simple Corner Cubby

image source: Pinterest

This ultra-simple DIY corner cubby is a great place to store some of your large outdoor equipment, including your backpack blower! Keep your lawnmower underneath and place your blower on the top shelf – your garage just got so much more organized! Backpack blower storage does not have to be complicated. If you prefer a simpler solution, this cubby shelf may be right for you. Its simple design means even the inexperienced handyman can build it, and it will be ready to use in no time.

#9 – Backpack Blower Premade Rack

image source: Pinterest from popgiftideas.net

If you prefer purchasing over do-it-yourself projects, this Landscaping Multi Tool Open Storage Rack by Pack’em Racks may be the perfect storage solution for your backpack blower! The open storage rack is sleek and simple, and can easily store your blower. It allows for ground-level access to your blower so you won’t have to worry about too much heavy lifting!

#8 – Workbench Storage

Image source: Pinterest from covenantnetworksupport.com

If you love DIY projects, this awesome do-it-yourself moveable workbench can be a great addition to your garage or shed. If you do a lot of handiwork, this workbench can be a great place to get at-home projects done. However, workbenches like the one above can also be a good place for storage! Leaving your leafblower on the ground is never a good idea. If someone steps or trips on your leafblower, it may cause injury to them, damage to the leaf blower, or both. Keeping your leafblower elevated is one way to keep your family and your blower safe.

#7- Simple Wall Rack

image source: Pinterest from etrailer.com

This wall rack from etrailer.com is a pre-made rack that allows you to install it on any wall of your choice. It allows for very compact storage, as this rack was actually made for a trailer! If you like DIY but don’t have the know-how to do it all from scratch, this is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You won’t have to worry about purchasing the right materials – it’s all there for you. However, you still have the opportunity to set it up and install it wherever you feel is best.


#6 –  Garage Wall Shelving

image source: Pinterest

Another great DIY project, this do-it-yourself garage wall shelving is a great place to store not only your backpack blower but also all of your other tools and small items! This extensive shelving unit will help you stay organized. Never lose a tiny can of paint or packet of nails again! The large opening in the middle is a great place to store large equipment like a backpack blower. Because this is a DIY project, it’s easy to create a perfectly sized section for your blower!

#5 – Garage Wall Shelving Version 2

image source: Pinterest from woodesigner.net

If you like the idea of garage wall shelving but don’t have enough space in your garage for idea #7, then this may be a great storage option for you! The shelves above take up less space than the wall shelving listed above, making it a great option for smaller garages. This shelving unit leaves a space at the top for large equipment that can be a great place to store your backpack blower.

#4 – Simple Hooks


image source: askawayblog.com

If you are looking for the simplest of storage solutions, look no further! The author of Ask Away blog reviewed the hooks above and loved using them to store leaf blowers and other bulky outdoor equipment. These hooks are very easy to install and require zero handiwork experience. If your garage or shed is otherwise well organized and you simply need a place to store your leaf blower, hanging it on hooks like the ones shown above can ensure safe storage for your blower.

#3 – Ceiling Rack

image source: mytractorforum.com by user Razorhog

Want to get your leafblower off the ground, but don’t have room on your shelves or walls? Made from repurposed bicycle pulley lifts, this DIY ceiling rack was posted on MyTractorForum.com by User Razorhog. Worried about getting your blower down? The creator of this ingenious ceiling rack has a solution for that too! User Razorhog writes: “To get it down you just pull on the rope and let it slowly come down. It has a locking mechanism that when you let go of the rope and there is weight, it stops the rope from moving.” This rack is the perfect storage solution for tighter spaces or for those who don’t use their blower very often and want it out of their regular storage space!

#2 – Overhead Storage Racks

image source: Pinterest from declutterhq.net

Another take on extensive garage wall shelving, these overhead storage racks are the perfect storage solution if you want to refresh and organize your entire garage! The shelves above are the perfect place to keep storage boxes, seasonal decor, and other various large items. The overhead racks provide lots of space for bicycles, shovels, and you guessed it – backpack blowers! This storage rack is an awesome way to totally declutter your garage and keep your backpack leaf blower safe and secure.

#1 – A Storage Shed

Lofted Garden Barn by Dutch Country Sheds

Have you completely run out of room in your garage? Can’t find that perfect spot for your leaf blower? A new storage shed is the ultimate storage solution for backpack blowers, outdoor equipment, gardening tools, and more! Unlike an existing garage, which may be used to store cars and lots of other equipment, a new shed is a big empty space for you to transform! It’s easy to add any of the storage options above to a shed, from wall-to-wall shelving to tiny simple hooks. A storage shed is a great option for more than just leaf blower storage. It can help keep lawnmowers, bicycles, outdoor furniture, seasonal decor, and so much more safe and secure. Sheds can also be easily customized to best suit all of your storage needs! We also offer a rent-to-own program!

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