Everything You Need To Know About Garden Sheds

Adding a garden shed to your property is a great way to increase your home storage capacity, organize your outdoor items, and help make more room in your house. Garden sheds made from high-quality wood and built by experienced craftsmen can last a lifetime, so it’s important to make the right decision before you decide on your shed. In this article we’ll answer questions on everything you need to know about garden sheds, so you can make an informed choice. For more information about purchasing a shed that’s right for you, your home, and your family, contact the experts at Dutch Country Sheds now!

Everything You Need To Know About Garden Sheds – Q&A

Still have some questions before you decide on a Dutch Country shed or garden sheds in general? This Q&A will hopefully answer any questions you may have about garden sheds, our sheds, and the entire process, from building to delivery. This section is broken up into four categories: About Garden Sheds, What We Offer, About Building Delivery, and About Purchasing Your Shed.

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How Can I Customize My Shed?

When choosing your shed, you can select the size, color, and type and color of roof. All garden sheds come with sidewalls – 6′ 4,″ double doors, one aluminum window (24 X 27), or two windows on lengths 16′ & greater. Once you own your shed, the customization options are nearly endless. Wooden sheds are ideal for customization projects, such as adding shelves, hooks, pegboards, workbenches, and more!

How Do I Know If A Garden Shed Is Right For Me?

Lofted Garden Barn Shed

Garden sheds are highly versatile buildings and can be used for almost anything! You may decide garden shed is right for you if need extra storage space (your garage or attic are cluttered, disorganized, or running out of room), you need to store outdoor tools and equipment, or if you do not have a garage.

To determine if a garden shed is right for you, you should consider your budget, your needs and preferences, and what as well as how many items you plan to store in your new shed. You can also contact the experts at Dutch Country Sheds, and we’ll help you find the perfect portable storage build for you and your home!

Can I Turn My Shed Into A Workshop?

Of course! Most wooden sheds are easy to convert into a partial or full workshop. The large window(s) on our garden shed model are ideal for letting in the perfect amount of sunlight so you can get all your handiwork done inside your own beautiful backyard workshop. Some homeowners get even more creative with their garden sheds, transforming them into art rooms, “she-sheds,” or exercise studios.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Garden Shed?

The life expectancy of any shed or portable building depends on the type of materials used, the quality of materials used, and the quality of handiwork. Wooden sheds last longer than other shed types (plastic or metal). At Dutch Country Sheds, our high-quality craftsmanship and materials used to ensure that your shed was built to last a lifetime.

Do Wooden Sheds Require Any Maintenance?

A wooden garden shed, like all wooden buildings, do require regular maintenance in order to keep them in great shape as time goes on. Though maintenance is required, regular maintenance ensures you only have to do a little at a time. Some maintenance tips include protecting the wood by keeping it clean, checking on windows and doors for any potential warping, and fixing and cracks in the roof immediately before leaks occur.

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What Types Of Garden Sheds Do You Offer?

If you’re looking for traditional garden sheds, at Dutch Country Sheds, we offer the Garden Shed and the Lofted Garden Barn. However, we also offer the Cabin, Lofted Barn, Lofted Cabin, Mini Barn, and Utility Shed models. All of our sheds and portable buildings can be used as a garden shed to hold your gardening tools and equipment, a multi-purpose storage building, or whatever else you may need!

What Sizes Are Your Garden Sheds Available In?

All of our portable buildings are available in a wide range of sizes. We understand that everyone has different wants, needs, and budgets! That’s why we carry over 15 sizes in our garden sheds. Our smallest Garden Sheds are 8×8′, and our largest are 14×40′. We also offer many sizes in between. Click here to see all of our available sizes.

What Do Your Sheds Feature?

All of our portable buildings, including our garden sheds, include the following high-quality materials and features.

Utility Shed Portable Building

• Robust Flooring System: All of the Dutch Country sheds are installed with 3/8″ tongue and groove flooring. This special floor covering will add strength while keeping both moisture and rodents out of your unit.

• Walls: We use 24″ on center advanced framing in combination with 3/8″ LP Smartside Siding. This high-quality siding offers all the warmth and beauty of natural wood combined with the long-lasting durability of engineered wood.

• Strongest Doors on the Market: Our doors will not warp or sag. That’s guaranteed. They are the strongest and most secure doors on the market.

Who Builds Your Sheds?

Dutch Country Sheds is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in constructing the highest quality and affordable portable storage sheds on the market. We are a product line of Classic Building LLC and are located in beautiful Linn, Missouri. All of our products are assembled by highly skilled craftsmen with only the best materials.

Do You Offer Any Warranty On Your Sheds?

Yes, we do offer a warranty on our garden sheds and all of our portable buildings. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a 5-year blanket warranty! Our warranty covers any defect in workmanship, lumber, and products, including the function of the product.

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Do You Deliver Your Sheds?

Yes, at Dutch Country Sheds, we can deliver all of our sheds right to your own backyard. We also offer free delivery for customers within 30 miles of our showrooms! We use our own delivery trucks that are specially designed for the installation of our portable buildings. You can learn more about the delivery process in the video below!



Once Delivered, Do I Have To Set Up My Own Shed?

No, we do that for you too! Our highly skilled drivers not only safely and securely transport your new building to your property, but they also install your shed for you. All you have to do is select the site where you want your shed to go, and we’ll do the rest. Our trucks come equipped with all the tools our experienced drivers need to do what it takes to get the job done.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver A Shed?

Due to a variety of factors, delivery time can vary. However, the average length for a shed to be built and delivered is generally 3-6 days. To learn more about the delivery process and how long it may be before you can have your new garden shed installed and ready to go, contact Dutch Country now!

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I See You Have An Online Shop. Can I Buy My Shed Online?

Yes, you can! Buying a shed has never been easier. You can shop from the convenience of your own home with our simple online shopping system. If you’re not sure how to purchase a shed online, you can check out our easy-t0-read tutorial. If you would rather talk to someone, you can call us to talk to a live person, or you can visit one of our showrooms and chat in person!

Where Are You Located?

Dutch Country Sheds is a product of Classic Buildings. Our authorized portable buildings dealers are conveniently located throughout the Midwest including many cities in Missouri such as Arnold, MOColumbia, MOJefferson City, MOKansas City, MOLinn, MO, Rolla, MOSpringfield, MOSt. Charles, MO, and Sedalia, MO.
We are also located in Swansea, Illinois.

I have A Limited Budget. Do You Offer Any Financial Assistance?

Yes, we do. Our customers matter to us, and that’s why we offer a Rent-To-Own option on every one of our buildings. We care about you and would like you to be able to own your own storage shed and not be continuously paying rental fees with nothing to show for it in the end. You can compare the costs of our 3-year RTO option and our 4-year RTO option on all of our product pages.

“It was a pleasure working with confident and qualified people. The workmanship
and materials are second to none…I would recommend Classic Buildings to anyone
who requires a building for storage, recreation or whatever your needs are.”

– Mike Dinello, a Classic Buildings Customer – More Testimonials Here!

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