Are you feeling frustrated with a disorganized and cluttered tool shed? Storage sheds are a great place to store your tools and workshop items. However, a messy or disorganized shed can actually make it harder to find your much-needed tools and items! This list outlines the top 10 best tool shed ideas to help you maximize storage space. Looking for more information about storage sheds? Contact the experts at Dutch Country Sheds today!

Top 10 Of The Best Tool Shed Ideas

The following products and DIY ideas are sure to turn your messy tool shed into an organized masterpiece! Learning to maximize the space in even the smallest shed will ensure you get the most out of your tool shed. Check out these top 10 ideas to help you get your storage shed back on track.

1. Charging Station/Tool Holder Shelf

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Having trouble figuring out how to store and charge your power tools? This awesome DIY wooden shelf is the perfect power tool storage solution. It is relatively small and compact, yet can store so many tools and accessories! The added power bar allows you to easily charge your tools once you’re finished using them. Say goodbye to moving boxes, bins, and equipment out of the way every time you need to charge your tools! If you work with a lot of power tools, this is a must-have for your tool shed.

2. Sliding Peg Boards

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Adding a pegboard to a tool shed is definitely not a new idea. However, this creative folding and sliding pegboard is an awesome new take on the classic pegboard tool organizer. Why have just one pegboard when you can have four or five? This DIY pegboard project can help save you wall space if you have a smaller shed or need lots of room for shelves!

3. Giant tape dispenser

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Do you find yourself using a variety of tapes for your projects, but can never seem to find your tape when you need it the most? This ingenious DIY giant tape dispenser not only keeps your tape organized, but also cuts tape for you! This can save you time, especially if you find yourself working with thicker and more difficult tapes. It also hardly takes up any space, so you won’t be sacrificing much-needed storage space in smaller or fuller sheds.

4. Corner Shelves

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Maximizing storage space in your tool shed means maximizing all space! Corners too! Corner shelves can be the perfect place to store small items like glues and oils and other smaller products. These items often get lost on the floor behind larger items or forgotten behind boxes on shelves. Corner shelves are a great way to ensure these small but important items remain in their place and don’t get lost or forgotten.

5. Magnetic tool organizer

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If you’re really pressed for space, this magnetic tool organizer may be the perfect storage solution for you! It’s easy to build yourself – all it requires are two strong magnets and a strip of wood! Attach it on the edge of your workbench or stick it to your pegboard, and you’ve got yourself a handy-dandy tool organizer. You won’t have to worry about losing your small metal tools and they will be readily available whenever you need them. Just remember to use a strong magnet!

6. Jar Storage System

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Screws, nails, clips, straps, and other small hardware items can get easily lost or mixed together without you even noticing. Once these objects are disorganized, it’s hard to get back on track. Keeping an organized system ahead of time is a great way to avoid a mess later on. This easy DIY storage trick requires jars and a way to stick under your existing shelves. It’s a great way to keep your small items organized and in view, so you know when you are running out!

7. Pallet Storage Bins

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Since the do-it-yourself movement has become increasingly popular, we’ve seen many different uses for pallets! From shelves to bookcases to tables to fence boards, pallets have become a DIY dream. If you have lots of larger tools such as rakes, shovels, cultivators, tillers, or other garden tools, this pallet storage hack may be a great idea for your tool shed. A great way to keep your tools upright and handy for when you need them, they also look great and take up little room against the wall!

8. Fold out work table

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Need a workbench in your tool shed, but can’t seem to find the room? If you don’t want to or cannot sacrifice storage space for a table or workbench, why not install a folding table? When it’s not in use, it lays flat against the wall, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice storage space. This product is available from Bench Solution.

9. PVC piping organizers

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Not sure what to do with your small items like paint brushes, pencils, zip ties, and other small tools or accessories? If you’re having trouble keeping track of small items, these PVC pipe organizers just might do the trick! They are easy to install and can be a fun DIY project for your tool shed. Add them on to an existing shelf or pegboard, and they will hardly take up any room. They allow your small items to stay organized and easily accessible for when you need them. No more wandering around the house searching for a pencil or brush!

10. Slatwall panels

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If you like the idea of a pegboard, but it doesn’t really work for you and your objects, consider a Slatwall instead. Similar to a pegboard, a Slatwall can store many different objects and can hold up hooks and shelves. However, instead of holes, it has slats. You can add many accessories to your Slatwall in order to suit your needs. You can learn more about the Slatwall pictured above from

Why Buy a Tool Shed?

Tool sheds are a great way to keep your tools, gardening equipment, and even items you no longer have room for in your house safe, secure, and handy! Here are some reasons why you may find a tool shed beneficial.

tool sheds
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  • Relieves space in attic or garage: If you have a small attic or garage, a tool shed can create a lot of additional storage space. A cluttered attic or garage will not be helpful when you need to find your tools or important outdoor equipment!
  • Tools are easily accessible: When you have a designated space for your tools and project items, it allows for those objects to be much more easily accessible. If you follow some of the organizational tips above, you’ll never need to worry about finding anything in your tool shed!
  • Creates a work space: If you are careful with your space or have a larger shed, you can easily convert a section into a work space. Add in a workbench of any size and you have your own private workshop.

Having an organized tool shed is easier than it looks! If you aren’t into anything fancy or difficult DIYs, check out the YouTube video below by Anthony Watson, as he simply but beautifully re-organizes his tool shed!

Ready For Your Own Tool Shed?

If you’ve been inspired by this post and realize all that you can do with a tool shed, contact Dutch Country Sheds today to learn more! Dutch Country Sheds is committed to both affordability and high-quality structures.

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