Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality building at a reasonable price. We want to provide the market with the best value for your dollar. Buying a nice shed shouldn’t keep you from doing some of the other things you need and want your money to go towards. You also shouldn’t have to deal with a faulty shed once you have made the investment. It’s why we guarantee quality with our buildings. More importantly, we want to build our communities with a quality shed product that will likely last a life time.

Our Roots

Kenneth Miller started his shed company shortly after leaving the Amish community. He brought all his knowledge of Amish craftsmanship to his new construction company. From building the first building is Salem, Missouri back in 2003 from the back of his minivan to employing and supporting 45 family with his successful business.

Dutch Country started out as a product line up for our parent company, Classic Buildings. Today it’s our economy sheds under a sub-company. With our Dutch country sheds, we cut out the middle man and sell directly to consumers online. Kenneth is committed to making sure you get the best deal possible and a quality building.