Are you looking for a prefab wooden shed, but first want to know a bit more about them? Prefab is short for prefabricated and simply means your building is built on our site and transferred to you as a complete unit. This page outlines the benefits of wooden prefab sheds as well as the models and options offered by Dutch Country Sheds. Do you have more questions about prefab sheds? Contact Dutch Country Sheds today and we’d be happy to help!

Benefits of Prefab Sheds

Considering a prefab shed? Check out all these great benefits of owning a prefab shed!


Often prefab sheds are the more cost-effective solution when it comes to purchasing a storage shed. Because there are usually fewer customization options and a simpler shed design, you will likely find that prefeb sheds cost much less than a custom ordered shed. If you are on a budget, this is a great advantage.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the benefits you may be aware of is that purchasing a prefabricated building can actually be the most environmentally friendly option! Your prefab shed is built in a factory (one location) and then the entire product is driven to you in one go (as opposed to driving multiple trips in order to transfer materials). This puts less strain on the environment as you will use significantly less gas and the building process will waste fewer materials.


Though you may not have as many options and customizable features with a prefab shed, that is not to say there are no options available! Prefab sheds still offer some customization options, such as a paint and roof color. These options allow you to choose a building that will fit in well with your property and match your house without going over budget.

Simple and Easy Process

If you desperately need storage space and do not have the extra time to shop around for a shed or select from a huge assortment of custom options and features, a prefab shed may be perfect for you! At Dutch Country Sheds, you can do all of your shopping online. Select your shed size, the options you want, and send your order through. The entire process is simple and quick, so you can have your new storage building up and running in no time.

The Models Of Prefab Sheds Dutch Country Offers

Dutch Country Sheds offers a variety of prefab sheds, each with their own unique benefits and styles. Check out the list below to see all the prefab sheds we have to offer!


This quaint cabin can be an excellent storage building, used as a guest house or spare room, or for many other multi-purpose uses! It includes additional storage space above the front porch. The Cabin features:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Cathedral Ceiling
  • House Door
  • 2 Aluminum Windows 30″ X 36″

Garden Shed

Garden Shed

The Garden Shed is a classic portable building and will look amazing in any yard! It can be easily converted into a workshop for the family handyman or a gorgeous space for a gardener’s dream! The Garden Shed features:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Double Doors
  • 1 Aluminum Window 24″ X 27″
  • 2 Windows on Lengths 16′ & greater

Lofted Garden Barn Shed

Lofted Barn

The Lofted Barn is a great storage building for recreational items (such as bicycles or skateboards). It includes additional storage space in the loft area, allowing you to easily store items not frequently used or smaller and more fragile items (such as seasonal decorations). The Lofted Barn features:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Double Doors
  • Loft

Lofted Cabin

If you like the look of the Cabin but need additional storage space, the Lofted Cabin may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Lofted Cabin is a beautiful addition to any property and can be a great multi-purpose building. Store your unused items in the loft, and use the rest of the space below as a guest home! The options are nearly endless.

  • Smallest size available: 10×16
  • Largest size available: 14×32

Lofted Garden Barn

The Lofted Garden Barn includes a unique U-shaped loft that allows for greater versatility and storage room. The Lofted Garden Barn is perfect for those needing ample storage space. The Lofted Garden Barn features:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Double Doors
  • U-shaped Loft
  • 2 Aluminum Windows 24″ X 27″

Mini Barn Shed Portable Building

Mini Barn

Looking to clear out your garage? Need the perfect tool shed? The Mini Barn is a great choice if you simply need extra storage space or want to organize and store all of your tools or gardening equipment. It can also be a great storage building to keep your seasonal yard decor, pool equipment, and additional gardening tools. It is a cute and quaint looking building that will definitely catch the eye of your neighbors! The Mini Barn features:

  • 7′ Inside Clearance
  • Single Door

Utility Shed Portable Building - prefab sheds

Utility Shed

The Utility Shed is a very practical storage shed that does not have the look of a barn. It is also one of the most economical choices and can easily be used to store whatever you have in mind – from tools to gardening equipment to unused furniture or boxes of items. The Utility Shed includes:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Double Doors

Our Prefab Building Options

After you select the perfect prefab shed model for you, it’s time to look through your options! Here are the options offered on all of our prefab sheds at Dutch Country Sheds.

Option #1: Size

Every prefab building has different size options. Most have a wide variety of sizing options so that you can find the size that works best for you, your needs, and your property. For example, the Cabin comes in ten sizes. The smallest size offered is 10×16, and the largest size offered is 14×40, with many sizes in between! How do you decide on the right size for you? Think about the following questions while trying to determine what size is right for you!

  • How many items do I need to store right now?
  • How many items do I think I will need to store in the next 5 years? 10 years?
  • How much of my yard am I willing to designate to storage?
  • Where will I ideally place my new shed?

All of these questions can help you figure out what shed size will be best not only for right now, but for the future.

Option #2: Color

All of our prefab buildings allow you to select from a list of colors for the walls of your shed. Finding the right color for you is probably one of the easier choices, as you know best what your personal preferences are and what would look great with your home’s existing colors! Dutch Country Sheds offers the following colors:

  • Brown
  • Clay
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Tan
  • White

Option #3: Roof

Selecting your new shed’s roof is important! Do you prefer metal or shingles? Black or tan? Pairing a roof color with your shed’s wall color can be fun and help create a sense of uniqueness for your building! At Dutch Country Sheds, we offer two types of roofing: metal and shingles. There is no additional charge for metal roofing, but shingles have a $100 up charge. Our roofing types include:

  • Metal Brown
  • Metal Gray
  • Metal Rustic Red
  • Metal Tan
  • Shingles Black ($)
  • Shingles Brown ($)

Want to know more about the difference between a metal roof and shingles? Feel free to contact us now!

What Can I Do With My Shed?

Shed into office – Check out this Classic Buildings’ customer gallery here!

Sheds are a great storage solution and can be an excellent alternative to paying monthly fees to a storage facility. But what if you have a shed and no longer need the extra storage space? Or what if you love the idea of having a quaint portable building in your yard but aren’t sure what to do with one? Sheds can be used for so much more than just storage! They can also be used as a multi-purpose building in addition to storage. Here are some great shed ideas for those thinking outside the box!

  • An Office: Do you work from home, but crave a separate workspace? Or maybe you just need a quiet place to retreat when you bring home extra work from the office. It is becoming more and more common to convert an old or new shed into an at-home office.
  • A Workshop: It’s easy to turn your garden or tool shed into a partial or full workshop! Add in pegboards, shelves, hooks, and a workbench and your shed will be ready to go as the perfect DIY workshop.
  • An Artist Studio: If you love painting, crafting, sewing, or other artsy activities but have run out of room in your own home, why not convert your shed into a studio? There are lots of how-to guides online as this idea becomes more and more popular!
  • A Guest House: If you frequently have friends or family come to visit but find yourself lacking space, why not convert some or all of your backyard shed into a guest house haven? You can add cute homey touches and find inspiration on sites like Pinterest. Your guests will love staying over!

Contact Dutch Country Sheds Today!

If you want to learn more about all the great benefits of prefab sheds, contact Dutch Country Sheds today to learn more! We even have a Rent-To-Own option to make it easy for you to own your own shed today!

Dutch Country Sheds is committed to both affordability and high-quality structures.The professionals at Dutch Country Sheds are here to help in any way that we can.

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We are so confident in the high quality of our product that we offer a 5-year blanket warranty.

Our 5-year blanket warranty covers any defect in workmanship, lumber, and products including the function of the product. Dutch Country Sheds are made to last – we guarantee it with our 5-year warranty!

“Your company produces such a quality storage building! You can tell that quality went into it because quality just shines through it. Even the delivery was a class act. All of you do a great job.”

– Rick Franklin, a Classic Buildings Customer – More Testimonials Here!

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