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Looking for high-quality, premium sheds? If you are interested in adding additional storage to your home or property, a premium portable storage building might be your perfect storage solution. Premium sheds are a great storage option for the avid gardener, handyman, or homeowner who just needs a bit more space! This article shows the benefits of high-quality sheds, outlines how Dutch Country Sheds are built differently, provides information about our shed options, and more. For more information on our premium sheds, contact Dutch Country Sheds today!

What Makes A Shed “Premium”?

What exactly does it mean when a portable building is advertised as “premium?” A premium shed is any shed that is built with the highest-quality materials and workmanship. When comparing a premium shed to other sheds, it is easy to see that the premium shed is built with superior quality. With higher quality sheds, you won’t have to worry about leaky roofs or flimsy walls. With a poorly built shed, your outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers or power tools may be vulnerable to water damage. Your favorite gardening tools and equipment could also be subject to rust or damage. With a premium shed, you can have peace of mind. Simply put, premium sheds are built to last.

Why Premium Sheds Are The Way To Go

Why choose a premium shed over other options? When looking for a new portable storage building, you may begin to feel overwhelmed with all the different choices! Premium sheds are an investment, but because of their high quality, premium sheds will last longer and will save you money in the future! Here are some other reasons why premium sheds are a great choice!

  • Peace of mind: When you purchase a high-quality shed, you get peace of mind knowing that your new building can withstand more than the average shed. An extra heavy snowfall or a very windy day won’t leave you worried about damage to your shed! You also won’t have to worry about your tools or gardening equipment getting damaged inside.
  • Warranties: Premium sheds are usually built by companies that care about their products and their customers! At Dutch Country Sheds, we are so confident in the high quality of our products that we offer a 5-year blanket warranty. It covers any defect in workmanship, lumber, and products, including the function of the product.
  • Resistant To Elements: No building can be 100% resistant to the elements. However, a high-quality shed will better resist rot, insects, and other pests such as mice. For example, better built flooring keeps moisture and unwanted pests out. It also adds extra strength to the structure. This will help ensure your items such as lawn mowers stay moisture-free, and your gardening supplies such as seeds remain safe!
  • Extra Security: Whether you choose to use your shed for storage, as an office, or for whatever your needs may be, it is important that your belongings stay safe inside. Premiums sheds are built with higher quality materials that ensure a stronger, safer building.
  •  Aesthetically Appealing: Though strength and security are very important when it comes to sheds, with a premium shed, you won’t have to sacrifice security for aesthetics! A beautiful storage building can transform any backyard, and even increase property value.

How Dutch Country Sheds Are Built Differently

The building process at Dutch Country Sheds begins before any wood touches a single nail! We always ensure that your brand new shed is exactly what you asked for – the right size, color, and roof type are double checked before the plans make their way to the builders.

At Dutch Country Sheds, all of our portable storage buildings are built on an assembly line construction process. This process was personally designed by Kenneth Miller, owner of Classic Buildings and Dutch Country Sheds.

This construction process ensures that high-quality work is put into every single one of our buildings. As a result of this personalized building process, all of our buildings meet premium standards.

Because our assembly line construction process requires many different skilled workers, our staff are highly trained professionals and are knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen.

From building the floors to cutting and preparing the walls for painting, our staff knows the process inside and out. Overall, the building process requires a lot of planning, double-checking, and collaborating. Everyone works together to ensure your brand new shed is built with the utmost care. At Dutch Country Sheds, we are committed to providing the lowest price without sacrificing quality materials and workmanship. All of our buildings feature:

  • Robust Flooring System: Our sheds are installed with 3/8″ tongue and groove flooring. The 4″ x 6″ specially treated skids will never need to be replaced.
  • Walls: We use 24″ on center advanced framing in combination with 3/8″ LP Smartside Siding. This high-quality siding offers all the warmth and beauty of natural wood combined with the long-lasting durability of engineered wood.
  • Strongest Doors on the Market: Our doors will not warp or sag! We guarantee it. They are the strongest and most secure shed doors available.

The Models We Offer

Looking for the right premium shed for you? Check out the list below to see all of the portable buildings we offer at Dutch Country Sheds. From a mini barn to a cabin, there is a look, size, and style for everyone!  All of these portable buildings can be easily delivered to you and installed right where you want on your property.


This quaint cabin can be an excellent storage building, used as a guest house or spare room, or for many other multi-purpose uses! It includes additional storage space above the front porch. The Cabin features:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Cathedral Ceiling & more!
  • Smallest Size: 10’x16′
  • Largest Size: 14’x40′

Garden Shed

Garden Shed

The Garden Shed is a classic portable building and will look amazing in any yard! It can be easily converted into a workshop for the family handyman or a gorgeous gardener’s dream space! The Garden Shed features:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Double Doors & more!
  • Smallest Size: 8’x8′
  • Largest Size: 14’x40′

Lofted Garden Barn Shed

Lofted Barn

The Lofted Barn is a great storage building for recreational items. It includes additional storage space in the loft area, allowing you to easily store items not frequently used, or smaller and more fragile items. The Lofted Barn features:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Double Doors & more!
  • Smallest Size: 8’x12′
  • Largest Size: 14’x40′

Lofted Cabin

If you like the look of the Cabin but need additional storage space, the Lofted Cabin may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Lofted Cabin is a beautiful addition to any property and can be a great multi-purpose building. Store your seldom-used items in the loft, and use the rest of the space below as a guest house or office space! The options are nearly endless.

  • Smallest Size: 10’x16′
  • Largest Size: 14’x32′

Lofted Garden Barn

The Lofted Garden Barn includes a unique U-shaped loft that allows for greater versatility and storage room. The Lofted Garden Barn is perfect for those needing ample storage space. The Lofted Garden Barn features:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Double Doors & more!
  • Smallest Size: 8’x12′
  • Largest Size: 14’x40′

Mini Barn Shed Portable Building

Mini Barn

The Mini Barn is a great choice if you simply need extra storage space or want to organize and store all of your tools or gardening equipment. It can also be a great storage building to keep your seasonal equipment. The Mini Barn features:

  • 7′ Inside Clearance
  • Single Door & more!
  • Smallest Size: 8’x8′
  • Largest Size: 12’x16′

Utility Shed Portable Building - wooden sheds

Utility Shed

The Utility Shed is a very practical storage shed that does not have the look of a barn. It is also one of the most economical choices and can easily be used to store whatever you have in mind – from tools to gardening equipment to unused furniture or boxes of items. The Utility Shed includes:

  • Sidewalls – 6′ 4″
  • Double Doors
  • Smallest Size: 8’x8′
  • Largest Size: 14’x40′

Our Sheds – Options & Choices

Once you select the model of shed you prefer, you will be asked to choose from a variety of options. Because you and your family have unique wants and needs, we provide several options for you to choose from when selecting your brand new shed! These options include:

  • Size: Each style of shed comes in a wide range of sizes (for example, the garden shed ranges from 8’x8′ to 14’x40′!) When determining the right size for you, it’s important to think about budget, long-term use, size of your backyard, and what you plan to use your shed for.
  • Color: We offer each portable building in a variety of colors, from white to red to brown and more! Color completely depends on your preference. Some choose to match their shed color to their home. Others go with less traditional options. The choice is completely up to you!
  • Roof Type & Color: Like the wall color, you can also choose from a variety of roof colors. Aside from color, we also offer different roof types: metal (no additional fee) and shingles (additional fee).

At Dutch Country Sheds, we also offer a Rent-To-Own option! Why pay for public storage when you could own your own beautiful, premium shed?

How Fast Can You Get A Shed From Us?

Meet all of our drivers here!

Have you already settled on your dream shed and are ready to order now? If so, you may be wondering how quickly you can get a shed from us! It is super simple to order your shed online. You simply need to select all your options (size, color, roof type/color) and then check out!

Because every shed and situation is different, we cannot provide an exact timeline. However, the average time for building and delivering a shed is 3-6 weeks. Dutch Country Sheds provides free delivery within 30 miles of our showrooms.

Our Delivery Process

Our delivery process is quick and simple, designed to give you peace of mind as your new building is installed! All of our delivery trucks are custom designed and completely self-contained for the safe transportation of your new portable building. This means that no matter what the shape or size of your shed, your shed will be safely and securely installed! Our trucks are also fully equipped with all the tools needed for a smooth and quick one-day installation. Check out this quick video below to learn more about our delivery process!

You can also rest assured knowing that our use of the latest, high-quality delivery equipment helps to keep potential damage to your lawn and property to the absolute minimum. The equipment we use to install your portable building will have little to no effect on your backyard or property. And because the installation process is so quick, it won’t leave lasting effects on your lawn!

Looking For Premium Sheds?

Lofted Garden Barn Shed

If you are in need of additional storage space, a guest house, a new at-home office, or need a multi-purpose building, contact Dutch Country Sheds now to learn more! A premium shed can be the solution to many extra-space needs!

We even have a Rent-To-Own option to make it easy for you to own your very own shed today! Dutch Country Sheds is committed to both affordability and high-quality structures.

We take the time to listen to our customers and help them choose the best design for their particular needs and budget. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are so confident in the high quality of our product that we offer a 5-year blanket warranty.

Our 5-year blanket warranty covers any defect in workmanship, lumber, and products, including the function of the product. Dutch Country Sheds are made to last – we guarantee it with our 5-year warranty!

“Your company produces such a quality storage building! You can tell that quality went into it because quality just shines through it. Even the delivery was a class act. All of you do a great job.”

– Rick Franklin, a Classic Buildings Customer – More Testimonials Here!

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