One of the best things about wooden country sheds is that you can do almost anything with them! Country sheds are versatile and can be used for storage, as a workshop, an office space, and so much more. If you are interested in a new shed but aren’t sure what to do with it, check out these awesome storage designs to help you make the most out of your shed. For more information about purchasing a shed that’s right for you, your home, and your family, contact the experts at Dutch Country Sheds now!

Best Storage Designs For Country Sheds

See below for awesome country shed storage designs to help you find inspiration for your own backyard storage building!

#1 – Simple Built-In Shelves

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These simple built-in shelves are the perfect way to keep your items organized while leaving a large free space in the center of your shed. The free space can be used as a workshop, vehicle storage, or even an art studio! However you choose to make use of the space, this storage design definitely allows for lots of it! It’s also easy to stay organized with these simple floor-to-ceiling shelving units, perfect for gardening tools or unused items from your home.

#2 – Door Storage

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If you are working with a smaller shed, you may not have room for additional wall storage or extra storage shelves. However, you can always make use of your shed’s door! Though you won’t be able to store large boxes or items, this creative door storage is the perfect spot to keep cans, gardening tools, and other small items. It helps keeps your items off the floor, stops bottles and cans from leaking, and ensures your items are easily accessible when needed.

#3 – Gorgeous Garden Shed

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Figuring out storage for your country garden shed may seem like a hassle, but with some simple organization tips, your garden shed can look as gorgeous as the one pictured above! This awesome garden shed is just as inviting as any home – with large windows and natural light, bright decor, and organized wall and storage space. For items that may not be aesthetically pleasing, this shed includes a storage area covered by beautiful curtains. This keeps your storage space without making your shed look messy!

#4 – Workshop + Tool Storage

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If you only need a shed to store a few tools and limited equipment, this storage shed design may be perfect for you! The long built-in workbench is the ideal place to get any job – big or small – done with ease. All of your tools are right at your fingertips, stored on the pegboard and shelves above the bench. The bench is lifted higher off the ground than an average table, making additional storage room for bins or larger accessories or equipment.

#5 – Everything Has Its Place

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The key to an organized and functional shed is ensuring that everything – even scrap wood or metal – has a designed space. This simple scrap wood storage container ensures that all loose pieces of wood stay in one corner of the shed. This helps keep the floor clear from tripping hazards, increases storage or workspace, and ensures your building materials are easily accessible when needed. The shed also includes a pegboard + workbench combination, which helps keeps tools and other building supplies neat and organized too.

#6 – The Cabinet Shed

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Lacking space in your backyard but still need some extra storage? This tiny-but-functional backyard shed is a gorgeous addition to this backyard while also providing additional storage. This untraditional shed is designed like a cabinet, and would work perfectly as a small tool or garden shed, ideal for small tools, seeds, hoses, and more. This design makes the most out of its small space with drawers, shelves and even a small counter.

#7 – Wooden Crate Organizers

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If you are not a super handy person and don’t know how to build or install shelves from scratch, consider using wooden crates as a shelving alternative! These crates can be stacked and organized in any way that suits your needs, and reorganized when necessary. This is an ideal storage design for a garden shed, as it keeps plants, seeds, and simple tools accessible for any avid gardener. If you are a bit handy, you can also consider adding a few permanent shelves to keep fragile items away from the floor and reduce the risk of knocking them over.

#8 – Wall Storage

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Wall storage doesn’t have to just be for your tools and small items – almost anything can be stored right on your shed’s wall! This handy storage idea is pictured above in someone’s home or garage, but it can easily be done in most high-quality wooden storage sheds too. Many homeowners with storage sheds prefer to have a multi-purpose building. If that’s the case, wall storage is an ideal way to get larger items such as bicycles, lawnmowers, and leafblowers off the floor and out of the way. Make sure you invest in the proper hooks to ensure these heavier items remain safe and secure on your wall.

Other Country Shed Design Ideas

If you want to use your shed for more than just storage (or for other purposes completely), here are some great country shed design ideas to help awe and inspire!

#1 – “She-Shed” or “Man Cave”

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If you need a retreat space on your own property, a “she shed” or “man cave” is a great way to make use of your entire shed (or for larger sheds, a space within your shed). This quaint “she shed” featured on House Beautiful shows how you can make a quiet oasis for yourself in your own backyard.

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This awesome shed transformed into a “man cave”  has an awesome outside patio and kitchen, perfect for BBQ parties and entertaining family and friends. This shed also goes to show you don’t need to have the biggest shed on the block to make great use of the space you do have. A creative renovation and new paint can go a long way!

#2 – Guest House

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If you no longer need your shed for storage or have an extra-large shed with tons of additional room, you can transform your country shed into a beautiful guest house! Of course, this is a larger renovation project, but it may be worth it if you regularly host family or guests from out of town. It can also be the perfect place for kids’ sleepovers and fun family nights “out!”

#3 – Backyard Office

Working from home can be a challenge, as there are many distractions that can quickly become a problem! If you frequently work from home and have unused space in your shed, it may be a good idea to turn your beautiful country shed into a backyard office! Check out the video above to see all the possibilities when turning your shed into an office.

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