Rent to own

Why continue paying for a rental storage area when you can own your own? Our convenient and sensible rent-to-own options can make it possible. Not only will you enjoy the convenience of having your storage items located on your own property without having to drive miles to access them, but you will also be creating equity as you invest in your own portable building.

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Our Rent-To-Own option features:

  • No credit checks
  • Instant approval
  • Monthly payments comparable to storage warehouse rates
  • No long-term contracts – can cancel at any time
  • No penalty early purchase option
  • Optional Protection Plus insurance for a small
The best benefit of all is that once you have made the final payment THE BUILDING IS YOURS!

There will be no credit check; it’s instant approval every time. All you will need to do is supply us with the information that’s required for the contract. You can use a credit card, check, or cash for the deposit and the initial payment. For your convenience, we offer multiple payment options including autopay, online, by phone or by mail.

Rent-to-own is a one month agreement. You will not be bound by a long term contract. and you are free to terminate at any time. We also offer an early purchase option. There is no penalty for paying your shed in full early if you wish to do so. In fact, paying for your building early is an excellent money-saving option for you.

We also offer Protection Plus for a small fee that acts as insurance on your building for the duration of your Rent-To Own contract.

Stop paying rent and start investing in your own Dutch Country Shed today.