If you have recently purchased a leaf blower, you may be wondering where to store it. Many leaf blowers are gas powered, will likely get dirty quickly, and are quite large. This means you probably do not want to store it in your home. This article will outline the best places and ways to store your leaf blower as well as the pros and cons of each storage method. Looking for storage solutions? Contact Dutch Country Sheds now!

Leaf Blower Maintenance

Here are some general tips to help keep your leaf blower in great shape while you store and use it.

  • Keep your hoses in good shape. Leaf blower hoses are relatively fragile. Remember to look out for wear and tear and small cracks before they become a bigger problem.
  • Keep debris away from your leaf blower. You do not want debris floating inside your leaf blower and potentially causing damage to the fan.
  • Ensure that you put the proper amount and mix of oil and gas into the fuel tank (for gas-powered leaf blowers only).

For more tips on leaf blower maintenance and storage, watch this short video below!

Best Options For Leaf Blower Storage

Believe it or not, correct storage is a big part of part of properly maintaining your leaf blower. Some guides tend to skip over the importance of storage, but properly storing your leaf blower and other power tools can help prevent serious damage and ensure they last a long time. Storing your leaf blower in a dry place safe from the elements is the best way to keep it running for a long time! If you live in a colder climate, did you know that you can even use your leaf blower in the snowy winter? You’ll just need to warm it up first before you get it running. Check out some of these suggestions for storing your leaf blower.

In The Garage – Best Places To Store Leaf Blower

best place to store leaf blower - garage
Garage by Classic Buildings

Storing your leaf blower in the garage is a great way to keep it safe from the elements and secure from potential theft. Many houses already have an attached or detached garage, so you may not have to spend additional money on storage. However, garages can often become cluttered and disorganized. Correctly storing your leaf blower requires organization and a proper set-up. If your garage is already packed to the brim, it may not be the best new home for your leaf blower.

  • Pros: Many houses already have an attached or detached garage, so you may not have to spend additional money on storage.
  • Cons: Garages can often become cluttered and disorganized. Correctly storing your leaf blower requires organization and a proper set-up. If your garage is already packed to the brim, it may not be the best new home for your leaf blower.

In The Garage – Hooks

Hanging up your leaf blower against the wall is a great method for storing. This helps prevent the hose from breaking or wearing down. Storing against the wall can also ensure the leaf blower is out of the way and no one will accidentally trip or step on it – potentially damaging the blower or causing personal injury. This option does require some DIY knowledge. You will need some understanding of the hardware and tools required to install strong and sturdy hooks.

In The Garage – Existing Shelves

You may already have shelves installed in your garage, either installed by yourself or previous homeowners. If you do not want to add any hooks to the walls or do not have enough space left on your garage walls, consider storing your leaf blower on an existing shelf.

If you have a gas-powered leaf blower, store it with the engine side down. Because leaf blowers can be a bit bulky, storing it on existing shelves is not ideal if the shelves are very high up (as it may be difficult to safely bring down) or if the shelves are cluttered (as you may knock down other items when retrieving blower).

In The Garage – On The Floor

Though not an ideal location, it is possible to safely store your leaf blower on the ground if you have no other options. To best store your leaf blower on the ground, store it engine side down. Ensure it is not left in the middle of the floor where someone may trip on it. Clear away a corner in your garage. Ensure there is a clear pathway to the corner, as you do not want to trip on other objects as you retrieve your leaf blower. Remember to keep your leaf blower away from anything damp.

In A Storage Shed – Best Places To Store Leaf Blower

Garden Shed
Garden Shed by Dutch Country Sheds

If you do not have a garage or have run out of room in your garage, a storage shed is a great place to keep your leaf blower safe and stored away!

  • Pros: When you purchase a new, high-quality storage shed, you have ultimate control over where new shelves, hooks, and accessories go! Unlike a garage, which may already be used to store your car and lack additional storage space, a new shed is the ultimate storage solution. You will not have to worry about storing your leaf blower on the floor of a shed, as a new shed is easy to customize to all your needs. If you already have a storage shed, it is also a great place to store a new leaf blower.
  • Cons: If you plan to use your existing storage shed, you may run into the same problem as using an existing garage: there’s just no space! Reorganizing and clearing out unused items may be necessary. Purchasing a new storage shed is not as cost-effective as using an existing shed or garage. However, Did you know that Dutch Country Sheds offers a rent-to-own program? Owning your very own shed is easier than ever!

In A Shed – Hooks

it is often easier to install hooks into a shed wall than a garage wall, though it still requires some DIY knowledge. Adding hooks to store your leaf blower offers the same benefits as installing them in a garage. If you organize your shed right from purchase, you will always know where your leaf blower and other tools are! Hooks are a convenient way to safely store a leaf blower in a shed.

In A Shed –  Shelves or Pegboards

Adding in shelves or even a large pegboard to your shed is a convenient way to organize all of your tools! You may think that a pegboard is too small to hold a large, gas-powered leaf blower. However, some DIYers have even used pegboards to hold lawn mowers! Some storage sheds, such as the Lofted Cabin and the Lofted Barn come with lofts, which is a great place to keep your leafblower safe!

Storage Sheds – Keep Leaf Blowers & Other Tools Safe!

Thinking about purchasing a new storage shed? As mentioned above, storage sheds can be an excellent way to keep leaf blowers, power tools, and other outdoor equipment safe and secure.

Featured Product – Lofted Garden Barn

The Lofted Garden Barn will not only provide you with ample additional storage, but it will also be an attractive extra feature in your backyard. Its beautiful design includes centered double doors perfectly balanced by two 24″ by 27″ windows on either side. In addition, it includes a unique U-shaped loft.

The lofted garden barn is the perfect choice for storing a leaf blower! With the loft space, you can rest assured that your leaf blower is away from the dirt and debris down below. You can also rest assured knowing that no one will bump into or trip on your leaf blower!

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